When we refer to holiday places in Turkey, Bodrum, Marmaris , Alaçatı and a few more are the first places that many people think of.

The reason is quite clear; simply because these holiday towns/resorts have been in fashion for a long while and one can have a lot of entertainment and fun (not to forget summer adventures) at these places.

On the other hand though, there are several holiday destinations such as KOYCEGIZ for people who aim to have a peaceful and relaxing holiday and explore a true natural paradise.

When you look at it from this point of view KOYCEGIZ has a true advantage as it has not been explored by so many people and is not populated by mass crowds – in the summer seasons which could be an undesired situation for holiday makers. The reason (thanks God, the residents say) that mass tourism has not reached KOYCEGIZ yet, is this beautiful spot does not lie next to the Mediterranean sea but it is at a point where preserved splendid nature combines with unparalleled history, culture, mud baths, hot water springs just next to a beautiful lake (called KOYCEGIZ lake) …

ACCOMMODATION: The accommodation capacity of KOYCEGIZ is good enough for current number of visitors only and one can find some reputable and nice hotels such as PANORAMA PLAZA which has been hosting guests successfully for many years.

When you talk to Mustafa Bey, the manager of the hotel and ask “why Panorama” he says “Our hotel is beautifully located right next to the lake with a gorgeous view. It is reasonably small and cosy – making you feel at home – not to forget we serve delicious food, as well. Most important, we care much for hygiene and friendly service which are two issues we would not compromise on.”