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Verona.. The city of the tragic love history between Romeo and Juliet

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Verona is referred to as “the city of the tragic love history between Romeo and Juliet”. This place became known all over the world thanks to Shakespeare’s ever so popular work. It has been attracting tens of thousands of tourists thanks to this romantic “image”, on its own. However there is so much more to […]

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Rovinj (Croatia) Video

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ROVINJ CROATIA: This is a city full of life. It is a fishing port located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. Entertainment: The most beautiful town of the Adriatic coast comes alive at the night. Monvi, a multimedia centre is the focus of all the entertainment that can make you forget your worries. Its […]

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Croatia Video

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Croatia is one of the most beautiful places in the heart of the Mediterranean.. In video you can view this paradise country with its shores, mountains, lakes, architecture, history and everything..

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Video of Sicily

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Comfortably situated in the heart of the Mediterranean , Sicily is proud to be the biggest island of all. The island proudly shows off its beauties. Not only the natural ones, made up of solitary beaches and spectacular cliffs but also those displayed in full awareness of their appeal: the remains of civilizations thousands of […]

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Molyvos video ..

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Molyvos is a Greek village in Lesvos island in the Aegean Sea .. It is a very unique and authentic village with narrow, stone-paved alleys will travel you back in time to another era and every corner you see will surprise you.. Unexpected glimpses of the sea while walking through the alleys, shops clinging onto the edge […]

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